Nord Grinders® BGM-50 Belt Grinder

Belt: 50 x 2000mm Hardox® material contact surface Adjustable grinding angle 1.1 kW one-phase electric motor Compact design Easy belt tensioning and tracking system Fast belt change Sturdy, welded steel frame Nord Grinders® brochure

Nord Grinders® BGM-75 Belt Grinder

Belt: 75 x 2000mm Fast belt change Adjustable grinding angle Easy to adjust work table Adjustable speed 1.5 kW Three-phase electric motor Vertical and horizontal grinding option Sturdy, welded steel frame Available attachments: BGM-75TN Tube Notcher BGM-75CW Contact Wheel Nord Grinders® brochure

Nord Grinders® BGM75-TN Tube Notching Attachment

Tube notching attachment for BGM-75 Belt Grinder Fast changable aluminium pulleys Durable pulleys with PU coating Designed for grinding tubes of different diameters C3 High stress bearings Fast set-up and easy to use Nord Grinders® brochure