VSM™ Fiber disc XF870

CERAMIC Ceramic grain abrasive with a medium coat and self-sharpening effect for medium contact pressures: offers impressive results on stainless steels or superalloys with aggressive cut and a very long lifetime. The additional TOP SIZE layer improves stock removal while reducing the temperature in the grinding zone. VSM™ full description VSM™ brochure

VSM™ Abrasive belt KK772J

ALUMINUM OXIDE Long-term compactgrain abrasive with continuous self-sharpening effect that reduces grinding costs due to fewer tool changes and is characterised by constant, high stock removal with even surface roughness over its entire, very long service life. VSM™ full description VSM™ brochure VSM™ catalogue

VSM™ Abrasive belt XK880Y

CERAMIC Microcrystalline ceramic grain abrasive with a medium-closed coating and optimised self-sharpening effect on a very sturdy polyester cloth backing: achieves maximum stock removal – and therefore cost savings – when grinding high-alloy steels with medium to high contact pressure. VSM™ full description VSM™ brochure VSM™ abrasive catalogue